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When your kidneys need help functioning, we are there to help

Kidneys remove waste and excess fluid from your blood, and ensure that your blood has the correct amounts of potassium and sodium. When your kidneys fail to function, there will be a buildup or toxic waste in your blood and your mineral balance will be disturbed. When medicines are not effective you will be given periodical dialysis to cleanse your blood of impurities.

We offer Dialysis in the most caring and comfortable environment where your well being will be constantly monitored to keep you comfortable.


Latest Equipment

Experienced doctors and technicians

Holistic care

Service highlights

  • 24-hour service

  • Outpatient dialysis

  • Bedside dialysis for inpatients

  • Dialysis for maternity patients

  • Dialysis for end stage kidney disease

  • Patient friendly environment

  • Constant monitoring

  • Affordable service

Meet your Doctor

Dr. M. Raj Kumar

Founder of Raj Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Centre.
Dr. M. Rajkumar MS, M.ch(Plastic) DNB MRCS (Edinburgh - UK) FCLM (Fellowship in Cosmetic & Laser Medicine - Germany) is a qualified Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon from a reputed National Level Institute, presently working as senior assistant professor, Institute of Hand Micro Surgery & Department of Plastic Surgery, Stanley Medical College. The doctor has been in practice for last 15 years. He is also a reputed teacher in Plastic Surgery too. His main interests are Cosmetic and Hand & Microvascular Surgery. He is a pioneer in rhinoplasty, which is his favorite surgery and a master in Liposuction and Abdominoplasty.

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